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Technical stuff, in english und german. This might range from audio tools to Drupal modules. Enjoy.

Roland SH-101 Repair

A detailed guide of how I resolved a couple of issues with my Roland SH-101 synthesizer. Biggest problem was – no sound except for filter resonance. Some of the faults of my machine are described in other places on the net but a good bunch of them lacks resolution. So read on to find out what I did.

Fireface 800 Circuit

RME is a really great company making high quality audio interfaces and their decent software policy helps to keep them usable for a very long time. I appreciate that very much and so do people all over the internet. Sadly, the same people are asking how to solve dead, noisy or blown mic pre-amps in their RME Fireface 800.

FloC Flow Chart

FloC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) ist eine neue Art, wie Google das Tracking von Individuen, bzw. deren Browsern organisiert, um auch ohne Cookies gezielt Werbung ausspielen zu können. Ich habe mich gefragt, ob man verhindern kann, dass die eigene Webseite zu dieser Kohortenbildung beiträgt und siehe da – ja, über einen entsprechenden HTTP response header.

Custom pedal stand for digital piano

If you have a Yamaha Digital Piano or Keyboard and need to connect a Damper Pedal that is of type "normally open" [NO] instead of the Yamaha type "normally closed" [NC], here is what I did to a Clavinova CLP-200 to make a pedal bar with reversed function and no reverse switch work.

Korg C-35 Reparatur

Die Digital-Pianos der Korg C-x5-Serie sind auch nach bald 30 Jahren immer noch echte Hingucker dank der stylischen Rauchglas-Staubschutzklappe und des Notenhalters in gleicher Optik. Sie klingen gut und ausgewogen und zudem hat Korg seinerzeit die unverwüstliche Yamaha AE-Tastatur* verbaut.

Yamaha RX7 Repair

I acquired a Yamaha RX7 drum machine for just a few Euros a couple of days ago. The RX7 was released in 1988 as a follow up to flag ship RX5, lacking single outs and dedicated faders but with much more 12-bit sounds on board. That's why I would consider this machine "the" Yamaha drums from the eighties you'd want to have.

box full of worn out keys

This is a write up from my work shop point of view, to help you make decisions when you consider buying a digital piano, whether new or second hand. I have serviced pianos from all kinds of brands, expensive ones, cheap ones. Here I share some experience.

Korg EC150

Lately I have had a Korg concert EC150 for service. This piano had one major issue, it was silent. Not even the slightest hum from the speakers nor on the headphones while the panel seemed to work just fine. So my first guess was it's either the power amp section or the corresponding power supply. Sadly, there is no service manual nor schematics available on the internet for this digital piano...

removing button knobs

A blog post showing you how to remove even very firmly fixed knobs. First of all – most potentiometer knobs can be removed by just pulling with two or three fingers. Don't use pliers to prevent damage to the knobs. If pulling with your fingers is not enough go on reading.

Roland TR-727 + TR-707

When I bought my TR-707 it was not in a good shape and had several problems and issues. The Rim button and four of the step sequencer LEDs weren't working at all. The output of both Ride and Rim/Cowbell were at a very low level and barely hearable. Additionally, some of the faders were crackling. The housing was not light grey but dark with sweaty black dirt all over.


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