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Technical stuff, in english und german. This might range from audio tools to Drupal modules. Enjoy.

Millenium E-Drum Set: gebrochene Halteklammer Reparatur

Recently I found this very cheap (40 EUR) Thomann Millenium E-Drum Set paired with an Alesis DM5 Sound Module on a local advertising platform. I could not resist. The drum kit turned out to be really cheap in every sense, one of the clamps to hook up the pads broke right away when I tried to tighten it.

Roland D-50 Keyboard Repair

I had to open my Roland D-50 recently to fix some keys and switches, a problem very common to synthesizers of that age. While reassembling I noticed that the memory had got stuck somehow to patch 11. No other selection was possible.

CSS: How to display a certain character with a different font. Wie man mithilfe von CSS ein bestimmtes Zeichen mit einem anderen Font anzeigt.

Übungsraum, schalldichte Kabine mit Tageslicht

Ich habe meinen Aufnahmeraum aus einfachen, preiswerten Materialien nach akustischen Gesichtspunkten gebaut. Die Raum-im-Raum-Konstruktion ist recht schalldicht, klanglich ausgewogen, hat Tageslicht und eine sehr leise Lüftung. Im folgenden beschreibe ich den Bau.

One of my recent tasks was a Drupal Commerce Shop that had to export .csv files (generated by Views, triggered by Rules) and save them as unmanaged files in a private directory. The folks these files were addressed to could not fetch them programmatically due to a lack of permission, so I had to alter the standard permissions that Drupal set.


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