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Nice comments. And I agree.

I have a GEM Promega 3. Luckily the electronics are still good and, also luckily, it has Fatar key action for which there actually are spare parts available (although it's a TP30, but the rubber from TP40 seems to be the same).

What I don't like about it, is the serviceability as you pointed out. Although it's not as bad as what you described, I still have to disassemble almost the entire keyboard in order to replace the rubber contacts. And if it fails, I'll have to do it all over again.

What do you think about the VPC-1? Do you have experience repairing it? Can you talk about that a bit? It looks as if contacts can be serviced quite easily because they are place at the back and above the action. Can you confirm that?

There are posts regarding the VPC-1 on pianoworld forums that don't look good at all: the key response velocities seem to be all over the place and with no easy way to calibrate. Kawai also has the NV line, ie the NV-5 with optical sensors. Do you think the optical sensors make sense or are the rubber contacts underrated and only badly calibrated in the VPC-1?

Generally, do you know about method to calibrate key response velocities?

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