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Hi Ulf,
I have a problem with an old EC120 which keyboard seems to be similar to EC150. All the keys are very noisy emitting a big click when I release them. Opening the keyboard, it seems that the little hammers under the key are falling on their support with a violent rebound when I release the key.
There's a little ribbon of rubber/silicon between the hammer and his support. Its function is to amortize the fall of the hammer and perhaps the solutions is to replace this ribbon but it looks fine.
So the keyboard is very less noisy when using it outside the piano. I think there's a big resonance when I fix the keyboard in the piano frame.
I have dissasembled all the keys with their springs, cleaned all from dust (no problem with the contacts) but the problem remains.
Would you have an idea that could help me to solve this?
I can send you pics or videos if you want;
Thank you and apologize for my poor english

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