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Custom pedal stand for digital piano
If you have a Yamaha Digital Piano or Keyboard and need to connect a Damper Pedal that is of type "normally open" [NO]...
Kawai PN80 E-Piano Reparatur
Since there is no service manual available on the internet by the time of writing this blog post I thought it might be...
Korg EC150
Lately I have had a Korg concert EC150 for service. This piano had one major issue, it was silent. Not even the...
Korg C-35 Reparatur
Anleitung zur Mainboard-Reparatur bei Korg C-x5 Digital-Pianos, bei denen die SMD-Elektrolyt-Kondensatoren mit der Zeit...
box full of worn out keys
This is a write up from my work shop point of view, to help you make decisions when you consider buying a digital piano...


Keyboards für Kinder!
Sie haben ein kaputtes/defektes Digital-, bzw. E-Piano, ein Keyboard oder einen Synthesizer? Sie denken an Entsorgung?...
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